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Sixth Stakeholders Meeting: Insect Resistant Maize for Africa (IRMA II) Project67748
Enfermedades del maíz : una guía para su identificación en el campo4865
Made in Bangladesh : scale-appropriate machinery for agricultural resource conservation4353
Flujo genetico entre maiz criollo, maiz mejorado y teocintle: Implicaciones para el maiz transgenico3780
Physiological breeding II : a field guide to wheat phenotyping3488
Rust diseases of wheat : concepts and methods of disease management2702
Interpolation techniques for climate variables2515
Insectos nocivos del maiz : una guía para su identificación en el campo.2454
Wheat diseases and pests : a guide for field identification2395
Physiological breeding I : interdisciplinary approaches to improve crop adaptation2355