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Cloning and molecular characterization of LMW glutenin subunit genes in Triticum dicoccoides

Author: Li Qiao-yun
Author: An Xue-li
Author: Xiao Ying-hua
Author: Zhang Qian
Author: Zhang Yan-zhen
Author: Xia Xian-chun
Author: He Zhonghu
Author: Yan Yueming
Year: 2007
Abstract: (Objective) The objective of this study was to clone new genes coding for LMW-GS from Triticum dicoccoides (AABB, 2n=4x=28). (Method) First, SDS-PAGE were used to identify low molecular weight glutenin subunits (LMW-GS) in two Triticum dicoccoides Y5 and Y13. Then matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) was used to determine accurate molecular weights of the LM W-GS. Gene coding for two LMW-GS, named LMW-Y5 and LMW-Y13, were amplified and cloned from Y5 and Y13 respectively, using AS-PCR method and one pair of primers specific to LMW-GS. (Result) Two complete gene sequences were obtained, which comprised of upstream, open reading frame (ORF) and downstream, and no introns were present. The deduced amino acid sequences showed that both the two protein (named LMW-Y5 and LMW-Y13) coding by LMW-Y5 and LMW-Y13 belonged to the LMW-i type subunits with the estimated molecular weight 38.9122kDa and 31.8708kDa. The molecular weight of LMW-Y5 was consistent with the Mrs identified by MALDI-TOF-MS, suggesting that there were no types of protein translational modifications (PTMs) in this subunit. However, the Mrs of LMW-Y13 deduced by DNA sequences was 7.6827kDa lower than that from MS, which may result from a single deletion of about 200bp occurred within the repetitive domain of the recombinant clones. (Conclusion) Molecular structures of LMW-i type subunits in Triticum dicoccoides were first reported in this article. In addition, the relationships between the molecular structures and functions of LMW-i type genes and their potential for wheat quality improvement were also discussed.
Language: Chinese
Copyright: CIMMYT manages Intellectual Assets as International Public Goods. The user is free to download, print, store and share this work. In case you want to translate or create any other derivative work and share or distribute such translation/derivative work, please contact indicating the work you want to use and the kind of use you intend; CIMMYT will contact you with the suitable license for that purpose.
Type: Article
Country: China
Region: East Asia
Pages: 457-463
Journal issue: 3
Journal: Scientia Agricultura Sinica
Journal volume: 40
Keywords: Triticum dicoccoides
Keywords: LMW-GS
Keywords: AS-PCR
Keywords: Molecular cloning
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