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RHoMIS, SEONT and OIMS: how do we progress and digitally connect these elements?

Year: 2020
Format: MP4
Language: English
Publisher: CGIAR Plataform for Big Data in Agriculture
Type: Video
Place of Publication: France
Description: Convention: Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems, 19-23 October 2020. During this cross-CoP meeting with the Socio-economic data CoP we learnt about the advancements of the SEONT ontology, the extraction of concepts for SEONT using Machine Learning, discovered OIMS and discussed how to integrate these elements with RHoMIS.
Description: Presentations: The progress of socio-economic ontology; Machine LEarning Extraction of the Concepts; OIMS and Rural Household Multi Indicator Survey (RHoMIS): link to ontology work in the Big Data Platform.
Personages: Céline Aubert
Personages: Soohno Kim
Personages: Xingyi Song
Personages: Gideon Kruseman
Personages: Mark van Wijk
Personages: Elizabeth Arnaud
Agrovoc: DATA
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Notes: Video also available in YouTube:
Corporative Creator: CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture
Duration: 97:11 min.

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