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Analysing the challenges in implementing Vietnam’s Nationally-Determined Contribution (NDC) in the agriculture sector under the current legal, regulatory and policy environment

Creator: Nguyen Duc Trung
Creator: Nguyen Trung Thang
Creator: Le Hoang Anh
Creator: Amjath Babu, T.S.
Creator: Sebastian, L.
Year: 2020
Format: pdf
Language: English
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Type: Article
Country focus: Viet Nam
Place of Publication: USA
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
DOI: 10.1080/23311843.2020.1792670
Description: This study analyses the current supporting laws, regulations, strategies, national action plans, NDCs, scientific literature and other documents and policies in Vietnam to identify the barriers against the effective implementation of mitigation and adaptation agriculture activities committed in Vietnam’s NDC. It also identifies the redundancies and synergies between climate action and green growth plans of the country. As a result, the study found that there is a strong supporting legal framework for implementing NDC actions in Vietnam. However, challenges and gaps are identified in awareness and technical capacity; coordination and resource allocation; downscaling to the provinces; engagement of private sector and NGOs; regulatory framework, which are critical to NDC implementation. A set of key recommendations are proposed on how to address the challenges raised by identified barriers are developed.
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Related Datasets:
ISSN: 2765-8511
Journal: Cogent Environmental Science
Article number: 1792670

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