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Chromosome morphology of certain races of maize in Latin America

Author: Longley, A.E.
Author: Kato Yamakake, T.A.
Year: 1965
Abstract: The study of the morphological features of the mid-prophase chromosomes of the microspore-mother-cells of maize was initiated thirtyfive years ago, when it was found that aceto-carmine stained the chromosomes at this early phase. As time passed, more and more data were published on the chromosome knob complement, the most variable feature of the mid-prophase chromosomes of maize. These data came from material found in the Americas ranging from the Northern United States in North America to Chile in South America. During the years 1960 to 1962, the authors studied the chromosomes of some of the primitive races of maize in Mexico, Central and South America, and of races and varietal groups of Central America and the Caribbean Islands. These studies were planned to determine the morphological features of the chromosomes of distinct types of maize, hoping to detect characteristics associated with each race and with races from different areas and environments.
Format: PDF
Language: English
Publisher: CIMMYT
Publisher: ENA
Serie: CIMMYT Research Bulletin
Copyright: CIMMYT manages Intellectual Assets as International Public Goods. The user is free to download, print, store and share this work. In case you want to translate or create any other derivative work and share or distribute such translation/derivative work, please contact indicating the work you want to use and the kind of use you intend; CIMMYT will contact you with the suitable license for that purpose.
Type: Report
Place of Publication: Mexico
Pages: 112
Serie Number: No. 1
Agrovoc: MAIZE

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