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FEEDING THE FUTURE: A Green Revolution for Ghana

Format: jpeg
Agency: CIMMYT
Serie: Special Series
Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International § CIMMYT manages Intellectual Assets as International Public Goods. In case you want to make non-exclusive commercial use of this item or you want to adapt it in any manner and use such adaptation, please contact indicating the code/name of this item and the kind of use you intend; CIMMYT will contact you with the terms and conditions for such use.
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Type: Photograph
Country focus: Ghana
Place of Publication: El Batan, Texcoco, Mexico
Tags: Quality Protein Maize (QPM)
Tags: Multiplication Plot
Physical Description: Black and White
Sub-series: Evangelina Villegas Donation
Description: In the straw hat to the left of the sing is Dr. Eugenio Martinez from Mexico, who is Country Director of the Project. To the right is Dr. Mathias Akposoe on attachment from Ghana's Ministry of Agriculture, and Ghana's Foremost maize-breeder. They are celebrating one of the first harvests on a commercial scale of a new form of maize, Quality Protein Maize, which has been genetically improved so it has protein quality close to milk.
Personages: Eugenio Martinez
Personages: Mathias Akposoe
Audience: General Public
Agrovoc: MAIZE
Photographer: Freeth, T.

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