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Nitrogen effects on maize yield following groundnut in rotation on smallholder farms in sub-humid Zimbabwe

Author: Jeranyama, P.
Author: Waddington, S.R.
Author: Hesterman, O.B.
Author: Harwood, R.R.
Year: 2007
ISSN: 1684-5315
Abstract: Rotating maize (Zea mays L.) with groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) has been proposed as a way to maintain soil fertility and prevent maize productivity declines in the smallholder cropping systems of sub-humid Zimbabwe. Field experiments with fertilizer-N on maize in rotation with groundnut were conducted at three locations with sandy typic Kandiustalf soils. The specific objectives were to (i) evaluate the response to fertilizer-N of maize in rotation with groundnut compared with continuous maize and, (ii) determine the fertilizer-N replacement value of groundnut. Maize grain yields were increased up to 0.7 tha-1 following groundnut compared with continuous maize when no fertilizer was applied to both cropping systems. Maize yield response to fertilizer-N was higher after groundnut than continuous maize. The small groundnut yields were associated with little yield improvement for a subsequent maize crop. Fertilizer needs on maize were reduced by 0 - 64 kgNha-1 when maize followed groundnut.
Format: PDF
Language: English
Publisher: Academic Journals
Copyright: CIMMYT manages Intellectual Assets as International Public Goods. The user is free to download, print, store and share this work. In case you want to translate or create any other derivative work and share or distribute such translation/derivative work, please contact indicating the work you want to use and the kind of use you intend; CIMMYT will contact you with the suitable license for that purpose.
Type: Article
Country focus: Zimbabwe
Region: Southern Africa
Pages: 1503-1508
Issue: 13
Volume: 6
DOI: 10.5897/AJB2007.000-2214
Publisher URI:
Agrovoc: MAIZE
Journal: African Journal of Biotechnology

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