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Multi-site, multi-season field tests demostrate that herbicide seed-coating herbicide-resitance maize controls Striga spp. and increases yields in several African countries

Autor: Kanampiu, F.K.
Autor: Kabambe, V.
Autor: Massawe, C.
Autor: Jasi, L.
Autor: Friesen, D.K.
Autor: Ransom, J.K.
Autor: Gressel, J.
Año: 2003
Resumen: Plant parasitic Striga (witchweed) species have not been controlled in susceptible host crops prior to exerting damage. High dose, localized herbicide levels can be applied on or near maize seed bearing acetolactate synthase (ALS) target-site resistance. Such seed coating was cost-effective in preventing damage from parasitic witchweeds Striga hermonthica and S. asiatica in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Imazapyr at 30–45 g ha-1 and pyrithiobac at 11–21 g ha-1 were used at 3 experiment stations and in 93 farmers’ fields over six seasons to further evaluate the effectiveness of this technology. Seed coating with imazapyr and pyrithiobac gave season-long Striga control in most cases resulting in a 3–4-fold increased maize yield when Striga density was high. Once herbicide resistant maize has been produced using locally adapted varieties, this technology should greatly benefit small-scale farmers in sub-Sahara Africa.
Lenguaje: English
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Tipo: Article
Pais: Kenya
Pais: Malawi
Pais: Tanzania
Pais: Zimbabwe
Región: Southern Africa
Región: Eastern Africa
Paginas: 697-706
No de Revista: 5
Revista: Crop Protection
Volumen de la Revista: 22
Palabras Claves: Herbicides
Palabras Claves: Maize
Palabras Claves: Striga hermonthica
Palabras Claves: Imazapyr
Palabras Claves: Coating
Palabras Claves: Experimentation
Palabras Claves: Crop yield
Palabras Claves: Kenya
Palabras Claves: Malawi
Palabras Claves: Tanzania
Palabras Claves: Zimbabwe

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