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Sixth Stakeholders Meeting: Insect Resistant Maize for Africa (IRMA II) Project64812
Enfermedades del maiz: Guia para su identificacion en el campo3796
Made in Bangladesh: Scale-appropriate machinery for agricultural resource conservation3685
Flujo genetico entre maiz criollo, maiz mejorado y teocintle: Implicaciones para el maiz transgenico3149
Physiological breeding II: a field guide to wheat phenotyping2786
CIMMYT Annual Report 2010-2011: Acute awareness bold action to energize agriculture2132
Insectos nocivos del maiz; Una guia para su identificacion en el campo.2110
Physiological breeding I: interdisciplinary approaches to improve crop adaptation2058
Rust diseases of wheat: Concepts and methods of disease management1987
Wheat diseases and pests: a guide for field identification1983